About Us

We are software developers, Agile educators and event organizers.

Sounds schizophrenic? Yes, we know.

So, what is the story behind this unusual mix?

Software development

Well, over a decade ago, we (Puzzle Software) started with software development. Today we are recognized as a trustful partner by many globally notable companies.

Our company was one of the pioneers in Agile software development. We were so thrilled about this Agile revelation, and how much more we did for less time, that we couldn’t keep our mouths shut. We wanted to tell everybody! So, we started with Scrum Master and Product Owner certification and education.

Event management

Our pride and joy on this unusual journey is Agile Serbia Conference – the biggest Agile event in SEE region. (This year, in cooperation with the Scrum Alliance, we are preparing real Agile spectacle – Regional Scrum Gathering!)

On this path, as an event organizer (but also as an event exhibitor), we encountered many challenges.

We didn’t have a unique communication channel for our participants, we couldn’t notify them about any changes during the conference (i.e. in Agenda), we didn’t have one tool for Q&A, polls, gamification, etc. All of these things were very stressful for someone whose core business isn’t event management.

On the other side, as an exhibitor at other conferences, we didn’t saw the real value in the traditional exhibition. The result was always the same, a poor number of leads and we never knew who exactly we’ll meet at an event.


But, as developers, we wanted a solution and voilà – MatchAbout was born! First, it started as a Puzzle Software StartUp project and now is has developed into a global and unique social network platform for events.

MatchAbout is all about your visibility at events, a place to connect, network, share and learn, a place to transform events into live contacts. We hope that you will enjoy it, as much as we do.

Have fun and let us know!