From an organizer to creator

Make events that matter!

MatchAbout is much more than an event app. It is your private Social network for events. It’s tailored to boost marketing, sales and HR activities for Companies and to give you additional revenue stream, to create fun and useful real-time content for users, just like on Social networks, to enable users to express themselves and to interact like never before.

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Before the event

Let users enter your world of content on MatchAbout without paying a ticket. In pre-event period offer them some free goodies, like podcasts, giveaways (gamification), networking with speakers and spark their desire to be on your event. Open your event to attract people before you make it a paid event. BE THE EVENT CREATOR – not the event organizer. Remember, now you have your own business social network.

During the event

During the event is when the best magic happens. Give the users a professional premium live stream, full digital signage solution and virtual booths to companies, gamification and activation for participants, and create new revenue stream for you.

After the event

After the event is where the treasure lies. All event activities, contacts, connections are always available just by one click. After the event, Create a community on MatchAbout that will be permanent. All the people from the event will be in your community all year around.

Highlighted Features

Gives event organization another meaning!

Be Event Creator – not organizer

MatchAbout is a Social Network for events that enables you to create content for all stakeholders and allows them to create content for you.

Digital Signage

Stream event wall, booth walls, ads, Q&As, Polls, everything on big LED screens. Maximize visibility for yourself, sponsors and Companies on your event.

Virtual Booths

Give your sponsors/partners an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and offer them a new sales, marketing and HR tool. Virtual Booth is a space within your virtual event on MatchAbout where companies can present themselves and create a set of activities to engage their target group.

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Notify all participants on every topic you want in a split second - about agenda changes, streaming beginnings, stage changes, whatever comes to your mind. It is easier than ever before with just one click.

Checking in without long lines

You don’t need QR code readers, printers for checking in. You only need your eyes. With our state-of-the-art, check-in process participants can check-in by themselves. Do you have a big event restricted area? No problem, you only need your mobile phone.

Premium Live streaming

Hybrid events will become standard in the future. Every event will be live and virtual at the same time. We can offer you a premium streaming service and a professional video shooting crew. Make your streaming look like a blockbuster movie.

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