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Your virtual corner at the event!

Do you know who are your potential leads? How do you reach people after the event? Can you reach only people you had direct contact with at the event? How many of them have you missed? MatchAbout is a unique tool that enables you to select people you really want to contact and create your target group.

MatchAbout gives you a special, virtual space where you can present your company, contact potential partners, engage people around your company and create target groups that you can contact even after the event.

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If your focus is on Sales, this is the right platform for you. • MatchAbout is a great tool to meet people and learn more about them. • Scan other companies, their representatives, products, services and make contact • With our CRM tool you can directly contact potential partners. • Follow up on all your sales activities you did during the event (read again your notes, observations, meeting outcomes and comments) • Follow your leads at various events • Present your products and services and see who is interested in them • Every post on the main event wall is more visible than others


Marketing is a mirror of every company. Here is where you can show your best you: • MatchAbout looks like a Social Network, Create your marketing campaigns and show your creativity • Your posts are more visible than other posts • Engage your target audience with Gamification (Treasure hunt, meme, roulette games, etc) • Use more options for posting on the event wall (videos, docs, Q&As, polls) • Use push notifications for everything you want to promote • Get a report about how your activities affected different types of your target group • Use this channel for communication with the specific target group all year around


It’s all about people, isn’t it? We all agree that people are the greatest asset we have and we need to figure out how to attract, keep and motivate them and create the best environment for them to flourish. • Find perfect candidates for your company • Present your company, employee benefits, and job vacancies • Use CRM tool and directly contact potential employees • Schedule interviews • Make your database of candidates • Notify your target group about new job vacancies or any other company news

Highlighted Features

Attract more visitors to your virtual and on-site booth and collect more leads!

Social Network

Present yourself and your Company just like on Social Networks. Your posts are more visible than others, attracting people to go to your Virtual booth. Every participant will get all videos, docs, brochures you prepared on your virtual booth.

CRM Tool

All people on your virtual booth, or people you have contacted directly, or people who applied for a job vacancy will be in a mini CRM tool. Make notes about them, see their Ln profiles, check out their Companies and do business.

Virtual Booth

Create your virtual space inside the main event. You can put everything there – Company videos, docs, brochures, engage people, notify them about anything… Business cards are outdated, your prospects can scan QR code and take all you prepared for them from your virtual booth. Just with one click.

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Digital Signage

Use a LED screen on your physical booth or big LED screens on main Event to stream anything you want in real time. Your physical presence can be everywhere on the venue with messages that reach everyone in real time.


Get attention to your event presence. Create games and share them with all event participants. The goal is to attract as many people as possible on you physical or virtual booth. Isn’t that right?

Premium Live streaming

You can make your own video program on your virtual booth. Create webinar, podcast or live presentation.

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