Make the best of the events - communicate, meet, connect, ask, share, learn, find job and create.

All events just one click away!

You want to connect to people with the same interests, learn more about certain topics and access valuable material?

You want to share your expertise, get answers and connect to notable people from your industry?

We are all social beings and we wanted to incorporate social momentum into this new, predominant virtual world. No matter what your role is or where your interest lies, we want your experience on events to be unique.

Community is where we swarm around to work, share, learn, search, ask and have fun. MatchAbout is the place where you can build your community and experience events on a new level.

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Before the event

Before the event you can check out other participants, add them to you contact list and learn more about the event and its content.

During the event

During the event, you can access all event content and be an active participant - interact with others, find a job, share your expertise, watch live stream, play games, ask questions, get answers and learn from others.

After the event

After the event you have all your activities saved – connections, videos, docs, comments, meetings all in one place forever. MatchAbout is your REPO for all events in one place.

Highlighted Features

With MatchAbout get the most out of each event you visit!

All Events and Communities in one place

Search for Events and Communities. Your journey starts with an event, but it doesn’t end there. You can become a member of the community that will be active as long as you want.

Find Match

Browse through event participants, connect to people, create your community that can remain active as long as you want.

Social Network

Event Wall is like a Social network. Create content or comment, like, download all that other participants create. Get notified about everything that is happening.

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Track Agenda and sessions

Never miss another session - live or virtual. Get notified about Agenda changes. Missed session? – no problem, you can watch it later


You can play games like treasure hunt, meme, roulette, polls and many others. Get some giveaways prepared by sponsors.

Repo for events

MatchAbout is your repository for all events. All contacts, videos, jobs, content, docs, notes are there forever.

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